Stake and Earn Interest; or Borrow Assets

Gable is a decentralized liquidity market protocol, built on Radix DLT.

Redefining the Concept of Staking

50 20 40
50 20 40
50 20 40
80 50 10
40 30 20

[1] Stake ...

Stake XRD at Gable's validator node!

[2] Deposit ...

Deposit your LSU's and registering yourself as liquidity supplier.

[3] Earn !

Rewards are released from the validator node, pooled together, and set to work.

[4] Claim $

Once your staking rewards have done their job, you can claim your resources instantly.

Borrow at Gable's

Access liquidity instantly ...

Participate in liquidity markets ...

Capitalize on price discrepancies ...

Execute trading strategies ...

And much more!

Gable offers Flash Loans as main lending feature. Flash Loans are accessible to everyone, anywhere, and at any given moment.

Gable #RunsOnRadix

Radix offers unparalleled levels of security, scalability, and user experience. Providing Gable with an outstanding foundation, allowing us to bring our vision to life.


Step by step ... One transaction at a time!

Webb App (Beta) - May 2024

A single page web app that integrates V1, V2 and all future versions will be deployed.

Liquidity Incentive Program - June 2024

GAB liquidity providers on chosen DEXes will receive passive rewards. This initiative kickstarts liquidity in anticipation of V2.

Version 2 - July 2024

Gable's V2: Perpetual Borrowing:

  • xUSDT and xUSDC borrowing
  • LSU(LP) and XRD collateral
  • Flash Loans

Governance Framework - October 2024

After the release of Gable V2, any modifications and updates will be proposed and subject to democratic approval through a governance protocol, with the GAB token serving as the governance token.

Version 3 - ... 2025

Prepare for a DeFi revolution!

Introducing a peer-to-peer lending and borrowing marketplace, minimizing intermediation.

The best part?

No more pooling of assets; capital inneficiency; and complex yield calculations.

Stay tuned!

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Decentralized; Transparent; Secure

Gable is non-custodial. Liquidity pools and lending products are governed by the laws of smart contracts.