Supply Liquidity with Ease!

Gable Liquidity Protocol collects liquidity via staking rewards. Before you get started as supplier it is advised to read the documentation that is available for suppliers on Gable.

Rewards APY


Interest APY


Total APY


WARNING: Deposits are disabled and withdrawals are delayed.

Users are able withdraw under two conditions:

1. Pool Liquidity > Owner Liquidity

2. Pool Liquidity > User's Staking Rewards plus Interest Earnings (see dashboard)

For more information, please join Gable's Telegram channel

Pool Liquidity


Owner Liquidity


[1] Stake XRD

The first step into supplying liquidity is to stake your XRD at Gable validator node. In return you will receive 'Liquid staking units' (LSU's) - which serve as proof of your stake.


Note: 501 XRD is the minimal amount you can supply - equal to 501 LSU's.

[2] Deposit LSU

The second step is to deposit Gable validator node's 'Liquid Staking Units' (LSU's) into the protocol, that were returned to you in the previous step. By doing so, you register yourself as liquidity provided.

In exchange, you will receive a non-fungible token (NFT) that represents your 'Proof Of Supply'. With this NFT, you can withdraw the resources that you are entitled to (see step 3 in the 'withdraw' tab).


[3] Withdraw Resources

Withdrawing returns the following resources to your wallet:

  • LSU's that you have deposited into the liquidity pool
  • Staking rewards (XRD) that you are entitled to
  • Interest earnings (XRD) that you are entitled to

Once your LSU's are returned to you, you withdraw your stake from the Gable validator node. This takes 2016 epochs (approx. 1 weeks) to return, as is inherent to the Radix network.