"Gable" is more than just a name. It holds a special connection to Amsterdam's rich history and our company's location. It's inspired by the unique architectural feature found on many buildings in Amsterdam; stepped gables. Stepped gables were symbols of prosperity and social status. We're committed to carrying forward the spirit of innovation and prosperity!

Built on Radix DLT, Gable benefits from unlimited scalability, security and inter-operability. Complemented by Gable's secure, transparent and novel design, we believe to be equipped with the toolset to bring liquidity to the forefront of decentralized finance. But first things first; we strive to become the leading liquidity provider on Radix DLT.

The Team

Joost has an educational background in quantitative finance, and working experience in software development and risk modelling.

A personal interest in crypto and decentralized finance, is what lead him to build Gable.

Joost - Founder

Founder Joost

Gable is looking for new team members.

If you have experience in smart contract and/or front end development; and a profound interest in DeFi; then reach out!



For formal inquiries please reach us at:

For any other inquiries please join the Gable social communities as listed on the bottom of this page; the Gable team and members of the community look forward to helping you understand and use Gable.